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Spectrum Mother and Insights | Trillium Consultancy for Special Education Advocacy

Hello I am Selina Davis and I wanted to share that by being here you are helping me expand and create twin podcasts and facilitate conferences and summits, respite retreats, as well as, workshops, and a non-profit Trillium Legal Fund which I would like to found within the next several months to help Parenting Advocate Coaches and families. I would like to have programs that help parents obtain a certification that centers social justice and advocating parent support and moms/women learn how to create a livelihood in advocacy and activism. This is more than a coaching program or advocacy business, this is a social movement and it needs your help and finacial support. Thanks for your support of my mission and for helping to amplify this perspective that much of the parenting world doesn't consider. I have been working on this full time since July 1, 2017 and defintely need supplemental financial supports. It all helps move this from the foundational stage to expansion and outreach. Project 52 (ongoing) Nerodiversity, Social Activism and Caregiving summit (Fall 2021), Of The Spirit (12 week program) and Strong As A Mother respite retreat (2022) are the upcoming offerings that I have been planning and launching.
Spectrum Mother and Insights is for all things caregiving...Trillium Consultancy deals with issues related to "special education" and the way that Americans access education when they have special needs and disabilities under the laws of the United States of America.

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